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Thrilled to announce our partnership with Intelexvision to provide Isentry solution to System Integrators.
Isentry completes Agilty Grid market solutions with a powerful and intelligent solutions offering proactive asset management and delivering significant financial return on existing CCTV surveillance infrastructure. Full spectrum
AI Analysis platform for real-time monitoring of video surveillance, Isentry enhances CCTV camera monitoring and control room decision making, using deep technology to achieve fast and high performance, on various infrastructure environments. Isentry can analyse hundreds of video analytics channels on a single workstation or enterprise server, delivering quicker response times and reduced false alerts. By proposing Isentry solution, System Intregrators will help their clients to optimize control room decision-making and empower their business.
Agility Grid Team is available to present Isentry Demo, do not hesitate to contact us!

For more on IntelexVision’s iSentry AI analytics video monitoring system:

➡️Press release announcement

➡️visit INTELEXVISION Website  

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